Settling In

Mayo Hotel Building at Fifth Street


I was shocked when daddy didn’t come after Henry and me once we had left the hotel room; I really was hoping for more of a fight from them. Truthfully, I was amazed at just how much it hurt to not be chased by them. As we were making our way to Henry’s room, Henry, as if sensing my grief, gripped my hand and paused, turning to look at me.

“Are you sure you want to do this Lilly? Are you sure you really know what you’re getting into? We can turn back right now and make like this never happened.”

“I’m positive Henry, I want this and I want you.” I could see the doubt starting to form in his eyes…I had to fix this.  “Just trust me Henry; I’ll be an excellent mob wife.”

Henry just chuckled and started to move again, pulling me along with him.  I smiled at being able to put him at ease as we made it to the elevator and settled in, making our way to the top floor.  Being involved with Pretty Boy and Ma Barker had earned Henry his own permanent room in the Mayo, on the top floor.  As long as they were on top, we’d be taken care of for the rest of our days; however if they were to fall from the top, hell would break loose and we would probably be on the run. Hell, we’d probably be running for the rest of our lives.

Those first few days with Henry, just us, were amazing.  We were married, a simple yet quick ceremony, and were just able to spend the time learning about one another.  He was such a comfort to me when I saw my parents leave the hotel with only one brief, backward glance.  We hadn’t spoken since the evening I left with Henry; I guess my father really does find some things unforgivable and would do anything to pretend they didn’t happen.

Eventually the call came for Henry, just like I knew it would, and I waited patiently in the sitting room while Henry was on the phone.  As soon as he had hung up, Harry grabbed his shoes, jacket, and gun – the gun I had been pretending I hadn’t known was here. He stopped and gave me a hug and a kiss before leaving to go do his business.

“I’ll be back late baby, please be careful – if anything happened to you Lilly…”

“Nothing will happen to me Henry; I’ll stay right here like a good wife.  But please…you have to make it back to me.”

I received one last kiss before Henry made his way out the door; I sat still as stone until I head the elevator ding and the doors closing before I broke down. He was gone.  What if I never saw him again? What if something horrible happened?  This was truly to be the most horrifying waiting game I had ever encountered.


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