Grand Elegance

Mayo Hotel Entrance


The bead of sweat that made its way down my back, on its unobstructed path, reminded me once again that I was so very far from home.  Not that one could forget when their mother was pointing out of the car and screaming for us to “look at that!” every five seconds. Really, they were all just buildings and there was absolutely nothing spectacular about any of them…except for one.

The Mayo Hotel was the only reason we had come to Tulsa, apparently it was the place to be and the place to be seen staying. It didn’t take long after my mother heard this to start whining to daddy – her high society was the reason for existing in her opinion, where I could care less on my standing with the vultures.

I looked out the window just in time to see us taking the turn onto 5th street and in a matter of seconds the Mayo came into view. It was breathtaking. After counting up to 18 stories I drew my attention back to the entrance.  Columns lined the side of the building, with two sets of four at the doors.  A green awning was there to cover you in the event of rain with MAYO engraved just under and above the door. The whole view left me speechless.

My jaw still in my lap, I decided I was too impatient to be proper and escorted inside; no, I had to see it…now. Not even waiting for the driver, I opened the door and jumped out, ignoring my mother’s squeals of how inappropriate I was being.  The doorman must have sensed my eagerness and promptly opened the door. I walked into a huge, open lobby with stained glass, massive chandeliers, seating everywhere, and balconies off the second floor.

While my parents were pretending not to know me at the check in desk, at least I’m assuming this was their intention; I wandered through the lobby taking in my surroundings.  The heat momentarily forgotten, I was entranced with everything around me and I couldn’t get enough.  A hand on my arm startled me and pulled me back into line with my parents and headed towards our rooms.  How could they not be entranced? We had certainly never been anywhere like this before.

After settling in my room and cooling down with ice water and five minutes under the ceiling fan above my bed, I was ready to explore.  However my mother had a different idea and I was promptly made to change and accompany them to dinner. The dining room was just as open and spacious as the lobby and the food was to die for – maybe being dragged along on this trip wasn’t as disastrous as previously thought.

Leaving my parents behind after dinner, I explored every floor the hotel had – no matter how similar to my own floor it may have been.  Upon returning to the dining room for one last look I was met with couples, appearing to be my age, dancing everywhere.  I smiled wistfully before taking one last look and turning back to my room, only to be stopped by a stunning young man in front of me, his hand held out to me.  I shyly agreed to dance, which turned into what seemed like twenty dances, and realized it was official.  I never wanted to leave the Mayo, or even leave Tulsa for that matter. In fact…I had found my new home.


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